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Sep 21st, 2019 - Sep 22nd, 2019

Spokane Oktoberfest Shootout (36 holes)

The Spokane Oktoberfest Shootout is the two day amateur season ending tournament open to all amateur and pro level golfers held at The Fairways Golf Course.


Mark you calendar for the 2019 Spokane Oktoberfest Shootout at The Fairways Golf Course in Cheney, WA on September 21-22, 2019. 

Check back soon for more details. 


Spokane Oktoberfest is at CenterPlace in Spokane Valley on September 27-29, 2019.  Come celebrate all things German with live entertainment, authentic bier, food and fun!  Learn more at SpokaneOktoberfest.com

2018 Spokane Oktoberfest Shootout:

2017 NQRC Shootout:

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2016 NQRC Shootout:


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2015 NQRC Shootout:


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Northern Quest Resort & Casino Putting Party

And their off- 10 teams from #1 and 10 teams from #4
for the Saturda afternoon Horse Race

The big winners- Zak Sargent and Todd Pence

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to see more pictures of the Putting Party at The Q, the Horse Race and the final day of the tournament

Congrats to the winners of the 2018 Spokane Oktoberfest Shootout at The Fairways

Flight 1- Gross: 1. Gover/Hall (127) of The Fairways
Flight 1- Net: 2. Day/Byrd (126) of The Fairways
Flight 2-Gross: 1. Brunkow-Mathers/Brown (133) of Meadow Park and Wandermere
Flight 2- Net: Shelton Rogers (128) of Maple Wood GC
Flight 3- Gross: 1. Eric/Corn (141) of Swinging Doors and Esmeralda
Flight 3- Net: 1. Rypien/Stretch (129) of Downriver
Flight 4- Gross: 1. Simon/Malone (143) of The Fairways
Flight 4- Net: 1. Perez/Santillanes (130) of The Fairways
Flight 5- Gross: 1. Kelly/Adams (146) of Qualchan
Flight 5- Net: 1. Simmons/Caldwell (128) of Indian Canyon

Click here for the full results. 

Congrats to the winners of the 2017 Northern Quest Resort & Casino Shootout:

Flight 1-Gross:1.  Byrd/Day 126
Flight 1-Gross: 2. Rudnicki/Oileter
Flight 1- Net: 1. Stocker/Stocker  123
Flight 1- Net: 2. Herro/Owens
Flight 2- Gross: Campasino/Hall  136
Flight 2- Net: Best/Hillyer   132
Flight 3- Gross: Howe/Sutor  142
Flight 3- Net: 1t. Emmanuel/Davis  135
Flight 3-Net: 1t. Bloom/Deblasio 135
Flight 4-Gross: Condill/Selland  140
Flight 4- Net: Corn/Braudhagen   129
Flight 5- Gross: Proulx/Watson  151
Flight 5- Net: Torbenson/Berder  134
Flight 6- Gross: Kahl/Belsby  150
Flight 6- Net: Reynolds/Doea  131

Click here for the full tournament results. 

2016 Northern Quest Resort & Casino Results:

Flight 6:
Gross -152--- Noah Kahns and Monty Coleman 
Net -136---Kathy Durgan and Linda Bonucelli

Flight 5:
Gross – 147---James Malone and Jim Schoenleber
Net -134---Steve Thomas and Dick Yeagar

Flight 4:
Gross -151---Steve Czarpata and Marvin Richardson
Net -139---Jared Kuhn and Gary Kuhn

Flight 3:
Gross -142---Dale Simmons and Matt Oye
Net -145---Kevin Davis and Scott Emmanuel

Flight 2:
Gross -135---Kevin Hero and Paul Allen
Net -127---Tom Ployhar and Dave Nordman

Flight 1:
Gross -131---Jeffery Day and Aaron Byrd
Net -127---Jason Kimmel and Rich Chapfield

Click on flight below for all final scores:

Flight 5 & 6

Flight 3 & 4

Flight 1 & 2


2015 Northern Quest Resort & Casino Results:

Flight 1
T 1st Gross: Burnett-Hanke  $130 each
             Pence-Sargent $130 each
1st Net: Kolb-Wade $160 each

Flight 2
1st Gross: Perez-Santillanes $160 each
1st Net: Lynch-Levi $160 each
T 2nd Net: Ployhar-Nordman $50 each
          Readman- Korn $50 each

Flight 3
1st Gross: Hancock-Bailey $160 each
1st Net: Davis-Day $160 each
2nd Net: Kearsley-Jones $100 each

Flight 4
1st Gross: Ross-Gua $160 each
1st Net: Bishop Cramer $160 each
2nd Net: Eggleston-Shaima $100 each

Click Here:   All gross and net scores

2014 Northern Quest Resort & Casino Results:

First Flight:
First Gross: Jason Kimmel and Tony Hanna 65-55--120
First Net (tie): Kevin Braegger and Dustin Garber (123)
First Net (tie): Todd Pence and Zak Sargent (123)

Flight 2
First Gross: Ty Brearley and Jeffery Day 70-64--134
First Net: John E Durgan and Rick Fuqua (125)
Second Net: Tom Ployhar and Clint Laws (126)

Flight 3
First Gross: Laramie Simmons and Orin Baugher 70-66--136
First Net: Terry Best and Kevin Hillyer (122)
Second Net: Kevin Davis and Scott Emmanue (127)

Flight 4
First Gross:
Nick Leonard and Calvin Peterson 79-69--148
First Net: Benn Harrison and Brent Watson (125)
Second Net: Don Kahl and John A Eggleston (127)

Saturday Horserace:  Ralph Lotspeich & James D Mize

2013 Northern Quest Resort & Casino Results:

First Flight:
1st Gross: Russell Grove and Dylan Hill (128)
1st Net: Todd Pence and Zack Sargent (128)
2nd Net (tie): Tony Hanna and Jason Kimmell (129)
2nd Net (tie): Robert Selland and Jeff Day (129)

Second Flight:
3 way tie: Mike Kolb and Shelton Wade, Brady Humphreys and Preston Roth, Steve Seimears and Mike Shanks (131)

Third Flight:
1st Gross: Terry Best and Kevin Hillyer (135)
1st Net: Jeff Pike and Tim Cressey (125)
2nd Net: Matt Wiggans and Robert Lopez (131)

Fourth Flight:
1st Gross: Cliff Otto and John Eggleston (151)
1st Net: Larry Readman and Louis Kurucz Jr (137)
2nd Net (tie): Skip Ostrander and Ross Kelley (139)
2nd Net (tie): Ron Levi and Don Kahl (139)

Fifth Flight:
1st Gross: Rich Borghesi and Greg Turk (132)
1st Net: Mike Repovich and Robert Phelps (134)

Winners of the Saturday Horse Race:
Tony Hanna and Jason Kimmell



2012 Northern Quest Resort & Casino Results:

1st Flight:
1st Place Gross:
Todd Pence and Zack Sargent
1st Place Net:
Jerry Zink and Mike Malone

2nd Flight:
1st Place Gross:
Shelton Wade and Mike Kolb
1st Place Net:
Rick Fuqua and John Durgan

3rd Flight:
1st Place Gross:
Jeff Condill and Kevin Selland
1st Place Net:
Brad Plumb and Larry Readman (tied)
Dan Merrill and Tom Ployhar (tied)

4th Flight:
1st Place Gross:
Rhys Sandaker and Allen Sandaker
1st Place Net:
Kevin Davis and Scott Emmanuel

5th Flight:
1st Place Gross:
Arne Belsby and Don Kahl
1st Place Net:
Anthony Burke and Josh Vandervert

Winners of the Saturday Horse Race:
1. Rhys and Allen Sandaker
2. Todd Pence and Zak Sargent

Click below for full results listed by field:
Day 1 Net Scores

Day 1 Gross Scores
Final Results


2011 Northern Quest Resort & Casino Shootout  Results:

With 56 teams competing this was a weekend filled with fun events, great prizes (over $8000 in prizes at the tournament alone) and of course great competition.  Here are your winners of the 2011 Northern Quest Shootout!
1st Flight Gross: Hill-Nuhn (119)
1st Flight Net: Tied: Hanna-Kimmel and Dykeman-Young (126)
2nd Flight Gross: Brown-Malone (133)
2nd Flight Net: Feehan-Hahn (124)
3rd Flight Gross: Day-Nielson (123)
3rd Flight Net: Finley-Hansen (130)
4th Flight Gross: Breur-Ittner (149)
4th Flight Net: Kohl-Belsby (154)

Click here for the full results of the tournament....


2010 Tournament Results:
With 39 teams competing for the title it was a great 2 days of golf.  Perfect fall weather, great greens and amply amounts of competition equaled a great weekend.  Congrats to all of our winners!

Championship Flight Gross:
1.    Pete Sisich and Nate Hair
2.    Gary Dupree Sr and Gary Dupree Jr
3.    Robert Selland and Greg Stanton
1st Flight Net
1.    Gary Johnson and Dan Murphy
2.    Cliff Oho and Lew Brown
3.    Dallas Blood and Dick Schultz
2nd Flight Net
1.    Sandy Davis and Monte Smith
T2. Brian Crawford and Gary Munoz
T2. Arne Belsby and Don Kahl

Click here for complete results!